About Us

We are a the professionals enthusiastic in creating quality free tools and content on the Internet. The main purpose of this website is to provide a comprehensive collection of free online calculators for ease of public use.

The calculators on this site were grouped into 2 sections: Business tools and other tools. All of the calculators were developed in-house. Some calculators use open-source JavaScript components under different open-source licenses. More than 90% of the calculators are based on well-known formulas or equations from textbooks, such as the mortgage calculator, BMI calculator, etc. If formulas are controversial, we provide the results of all popular formulas, as can be seen in the Ideal Weight Calculator.

You’re at the right place If you are need some calculation need to perform on online. Here we will provide the calculation solution on online at anytime.

If you personally want to reach out to me, please write at arunten95@gmail.com